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   Vintage   WW 2 "PT."




   Two designs were built the 80'Elco and the 78' Higgins. The only other made in this country was

 built by Vosper. Most PT boats were built like speed boats. Built of wood with the keel bolted  to

 the frames, double blanked bottoms with fabric in-between, They had a V bottom planning hull.



 For power  they had three V-12 supercharged Packard engines. Able to carry heavy loads their speed was over 40

 knots. At a cruising speed of 2000 rpm's, the three engines burned 292 gallons an hour, at 35 knots it gave them a

 range of 259 miles. The center engine turned a 28x28.5 prop and the side engines turned 30x30 wheels. All props were

 right hand Federal Mogul Equipoise. The V12 engines Rated at 1,500 hp ran on aviation fuel.


The PT's were 80' long and were around fifty tons. At the beginning of world l they could out maneuver all combat

 vessel's afloat.  In 1937 with Japan's aggressive position towards the U.S. General Macarthur requested that one

 hundred PT's be built to protect the Philippines.                                            


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